Our Biggest Rubbish Removal Project Ever! A Case Study From Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast

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In the world of rubbish removal, every project has its own set of challenges and learning opportunities.

However, some projects go beyond the ordinary, testing the limits of planning, coordination, and execution.

Today, we’re diving deep into what is undeniably the most colossal rubbish removal project our team at Mango Rubbish Removal has ever tackled.

This case study not only showcases our capabilities but also serves as a testament to the importance of sustainable waste management practices, planning, patience, team work, perseverance and over-combing obstacles.

The Challenge: Assessing Scope and Scale

The project came to us from a client in Western Australia who had a property that needed clearing in Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast.

A large two acre block with a three bedroom property and a gigantic shed.

The quote request came in back in 2023 around October time and me and my staff member went to the property to take a closer look.

With large projects we always without fail, will take the time to visit the site to perform an on-site quote.

I know some companies like to just throw out inflated quotes without seeing the work involved but that goes against my service principles as I want to neither underquote or overquote a project.

The lady who approached me was clearing the property ready to be sold after a family member has passed away some years back and the property sat vacant and abandoned.

Planning A Strategic Approach

Our goal was to assess the volume and type of waste, timeframe to complete, man power and vehicles required to clear the property as fast as possible.

Our first step was conducting a thorough site assessment to understand the extent of the challenge.

This involved cataloging the types of waste present and identifying any potential hazards which in this case wase mold riddled furniture within the property and dangerous, sharp objects in the large shed.

Armed with this information and the quote approval, I assembled a team of four guys, two trucks, one small bobcat loader and a scrap metal removal guy with a large truck with a crane.

Our First Challenge: The Mold Infested House

In the time between quoting the job and receiving approval, a lot more mold had set into the property.

This meant throwing on the hazmat suits, respirator mask and gloves.

Me and the team moved as fast as possible to remove the waste from the internal areas of the property which included furniture, clothing, bedding, books, shelving, curtains, rugs and all other random homewares.

The access to the property was good which mean we could back the truck up right to the veranda which helped a lot with foot work involved, never the less, it was a pretty gross job with a lot of junk to be removed, none of which was salvageable.

Below is a pic of some of junk inside the house when originally quoted and before the heavy rains came and the mold set in.

living room filled with lots of rubbish

Here’s a picture below of what the property was like after we cleared it inside.

As you can see, the water ingress had caused some major mold outbreaks that made it extremely hazardous.

house with rubbish removed

Our Second Challenge: Clearing The Industrial Size Shed Full Of Boat Loads Of Junk (and a boat)

Once the house was cleared we turned our attention to the bigger side of the project, the gigantic shed full of years worth of junk.

I’d like to say that there was some stuff that we could of donated or re-used but this has to be the biggest amount of junk I’ve ever seen with the least amount of re-usable purpose.

I’m talking probably fifty to sixty years worth of old tools, timber, mowers, piping, tables, chairs, ropes, pulleys, boats, yes you heard me right, even an old boat!

You name it, it was there.

It was kind of incredible but also daunting to gauge if we would even get this done on budget and within timeframe.

Our Main Priority Inside The Shed: Get The Scrap Metal Gone!

Due to the sheer volume of scrap metal we thought it only right to call in the scrappy and get a couple of bins delivered to the property.

So our first port of call was to start manually removing all the scrap metal into the bins outside the shed to make sure it got recycled, avoided landfill and also saved our client in tip fees.

We not only ended up filling up two huge bins but also two huge truck loads too.

And although the scrap guys don’t offer any cash for the collection, it definitely saved us time and the client money.

two scrap metal bins

Removing The Monumental Amount Of Rubbish

We started off with a team of three guys, two trucks and one Ute.

After a day of loading up the vehicles with junk we soon realized we were going to be spending days if not weeks on-site to get this area cleared.

The main problem being the vast amount of small items covering the floor.

You literally couldn’t walk through this shed without tripping over rubbish.

So we decided to change course and speak with the guys at DiggerMate Beerwah.

Rod from DiggerMate recommended a small Kanga Loader to help scrape the floor and load the junk onto the trucks.

And what a god send it turned out to be!

Using the machine helped minimize the amount of back breaking work involved, saved time and helped us stay on budget for the client.

The great thing about the Kanga Loader was the tracks on the bottom which helped navigate the muddy property which had been drenched for days on end.

man loading rubbish onto truck using machine

The End Result? Property Cleared, Ready For Sale!

I have to admit, this job definitely challenged us.

But the end result is all that matters.

Our client was happy to get an agent on-site, get the photos taken quickly and get the property to auction promptly.

I even managed to get a little before and after photo too…

two photos side by side. one photo of a warehouse full of rubbish and a photo of the warehouse clear of rubbish

If you or any of your relatives are facing a huge rubbish removal project and need assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0426 873 226.



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